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Software and SaaS Ventures



Create new offerings
Plan for resources
Manage projects



Improve performance
Boost sales
Go international
Build organization


Turn around

Assess situation
Plan for transformation
Make it happen

Our Focus

Marketing Strategy Positioning
Go to Market and Operations jumpstart
Sales Strategy and Business Development
Grow and Align Organization

Domains of Excellence

Market Strategy
Market Timing Analysis
Product Management
Software Vendor Organization
Operational Efficiency
Business Planning

Business Case

Midsize software vendor: difficulties to respect the product roadmap.

A software company with 250 employees on 3 sites in 2 countries finds a permanent difficulty in succeeding to release new versions of its software in due time and within mastered budgets. The CEO suspects that the causes of this symptom are broader than a problem of Product Management and thinks to get an external help to solve the issue.

Startup : Market Positioning

A new company launches a software dedicated to energy buyers and wishes refining its market positioning; the founder is a former energy selling company executive but lacks a complete buyer perspective. He has the feeling that he needs some external help to clarify the product vision.

Software Editor subsidiary of a multi-national company : aging products.

A multi-national group has a software editor subsidiary that sells its products to it and also sells to other major groups. The software is key in the order-to-delivery function of this large group. The editor faces an aging of its products which are based on old technology with growing problems for its customers. However, there are some indications that the problem might be more complex than a simple question of technology update.


Who are we ?

NovaXone‘s mission is to support technology ventures in key phases of their development.
Novaxone was founded by Alain Meller and draws from his varied experience of thirty years in the development of technology companies, especially within software vendors.
During his career, he held most of the key positions of this type of business: product management and R&D, marketing, business development, professional services and general management and has been also an investor in these companies, as a founder of a venture capital fund.
NovaXone is largely inspired by the experiences of its founder who drew strong convictions and expertise on the development problems of this type of companies.

Our Positioning

Innovation to Business

We assist technology companies of all sizes, particularly software companies, in the course of their development.
We provide our customers our methodologies and expertise to ensure the economic success of their innovations.
We do not focus on the generation of innovations but on the conditions and actions that may enable them to produce the maximum value. For us, innovation is a beginning, not an end, it is a seed that must be accompanied to grow and produce the maximum impact on the market.
We do more than Management Consulting and often “walk the talk” to support the development of the company.

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